Amplified Pressure Sensor

SERIES SM5812/5852

Low Pressure Sensor

SM5812 / SM5852 is constructed by attaching a highly stable, piezoresistive pressure sensor chip to a cermic sustrste. An electronically programmable ASIC produces calibration and temprature compemsation. The model SM5812 is designed for operating pressure ranges from 5PSI up to 100PSI(0.345 bar to 6.8 bar)

SM5852 is similar to the SM5812 but designed for operating pressure ranges from 0.15 PSI up to 0.3 PSI (10mbr to 200mbar). The SM5852 series is mechanically the same as the SM5600 series parts.

SM5812 is SMI’s co-integrated single chip pressure sensor in an SOIC-16 package . this product is full scale pressure ranges 5 to 100 PSI (0.345 bar to 6.8 bar). The SM5822 comes in absolute, gage and differential configurations.

SM5872 is low-pressure version of the SM5822. It is available in pressure ranges down to 0.6 PSI (40 mbr) full scale and is particularly suited for flow sensing applicatons, medical respiration and HVAC building and flow measurements.