Handled Humidity & Temprature Meter

Hygro Palm Series

Humidity & Temprature Display Instrument for Digital Probe
HygroPalm represents a new generation of portable Humidity/Temperature Instruments, utilising the very latest Digital Technology. The Advantage of Digital Technology is clear, highest precision is assured as a result of digital signal processing and data transmission in a digital format, which means that signal loss over extended cable lengths and external interference cannot influence measured values. Calibration data is maintained within the probe itself, which means there is no need to calibrate the whole system when a probe change is required and probes for different applications can be fitted in seconds.

HygroPalm 21

Fixed Probe
Application Range : 0…100%rh / -10…60°C
Saves up to 2000 Measurement Pairs
Measures Humidity, Temperature and Calculates Dew / Frost Point
Polyethylene Filter
Adjustment Profile “Standard” Factory Certificate
Adjusted at 23°C and 10, 35, 80%rh
Accuracy : ±1%rh / ±0.2 K
Very Fast response time thanks to new HygroMer M1R Sensor t63 < 3 s

HygroPalm 22

Same Specifications as HP 21 Plus
Interchangeable Probes
Instrument Operating Range : 0…100%rh / -10…60°C
Saves up to 2000 Measurement Pairs
Measurement Range : 0…100%rh / -100…200°C (Probe – Dependent)
All Psychrometric Calculations Available
Adapter for Pt 100 Temperature Probe

HygroPalm 23

2 Interchangeable Probe Inputs
2 Analogue Inputs for 0…1 VDC or 0(4)…20 mA
9 V Battery (Rechargeable Option)
All Psychrometric Calculations Available
Real – Time Clock with back – up Battery
Probe Adjustment Direct to Dew Point reference
Instrument Operating Range : 0…100%rh / -10…60°C
Measurement Range : 0…100%rh / -100…200°C (Probe – Dependent)
Saves up to 16000 Measurement Pairs (Every Data Record contains Humidity, Temperature, Data, Time, Batch No. and User ID No.)
Remote Control Function for Transmitters
Mini USB Interface for connection to PC