Low Cost Humidity & Temprature Sensors

Humidity & Temperature Probes

Uses :

Handheld Instruments, Data Loggers, Transmitters and OEM Systems.

Highlights :

Saves up to 2000 Measurement Pairs
Measures Humidity, Temperature and Calculates Dew / Frost Point
Range of Application : 0…100%rh / -50…100ºC
UART Interface and freely scalable analog signals 0…1 V
Standard Scaling : 0…1 V = 0…100%rh / -40…60ºC
Probe with Adjustment Profile “Standard” Factory Adjustment Certificate

Applications :

HVAC & Building Automation Systems
Food Stores
Health Inspection Agencies
Warehouse Mapping
Paper, Textile and Pharmaceuticals Industries.

Meteorological Probes

MP100A / MP400A

Key Features

Accuracy and long term Stability
Resistant to Condensation and Air – Borne Pollutants
Temperature Operating Range : -40…60ºC
Temperature Measurement by Direct Pt 100 Resistance or Linear Analogue out-put
Cable Length Compensation Circuit (No signal errors for cables up – to 100m with 0…1 V output
Universal Power Supply 5…26.5 VDC
Rapid Start up time suits some Data Acquisition System.

MP100G / MP400H / HygroClip S3

Key Features

Humidity and Temperature Measurement using Interchangeable HygroClip S3 Sensor Module
High Accurate Temperature Measurement option, Direct Pt 100 Sensor Element
Temperature Operating Range : -40…60°C
Current Voltage out-put signals
Cable Length Compensation to 99m (1 V outputs)