RF Products

Handheld Radio Frequency Moisture Gauge

The HHRF is a portable RF Moisture Guage. It is light-weight and easy to manuever and operate. Percentage moisture appears on a bright, easily visible display.

Auto Power Down
Light-weight, Ergonomic Design
Convenient Standardization
10 User Programmable Product Codes

RFM1000BT Radio Frequency Moisrure Tester

The RFM – 1000BT is a simple and reliable Radio Frequency Bench Top Moisture Tester. The tester generates a radio frequency fringe field at less then 10MHz. This field penetrates a sample chamber that holds the product being measured for moisture content. RFM – 1000BT conducts non destructive testing and is unaffected by sample color.

User Friendly Operation

Non Destructive Testing

Varied Applications

RFM1000BT Radio Frequency Moisrure Sensor

The RFM – 1000 is an RF Moisture Sensor made up of an electrode, an oscillator and digital circuitry. The electrode can be of different lengths up to 48″. The RF – 1000 is not affected by product color changes.

Up to 48″ in length

Fully Digital Electronics

No Moving Parts

No Maintenance Required