Portable Instruments


LV 100

LV 101 – LV 107 – LV 110
Functions : Vane velocyti and airflow, temperature.

LV 130

Vane probe thermo-anemometer
Ø 100 mm vane probe.
Functions : air velocity, airflow, ambient temperature.

VT 100

Functions : Hotwire velocity and airflow, temperature.

VT 200

Functions : Velocity, airflow, temperature.
8, 000 measuring points
DATALOGGER software (option)


LX 100

For workstations, offices, sport installations, parking, commercial centers… Dedicated to control and monitoring illuminance.
Measuring range : from 0,1 to 150 000 lux (from 0,01 to 13940 fc).

LX 200

LX 200 luxmeter hand-held luxmeter, self-contained and automatic is specially designed to illuminance measurement.
Measuring range: from 0.1 to 200,000 lux.


MP 100

MP 101 – MP 105 – MP 112 & MP 120
Functions : Pressure, differential pressure, manual autocalibration, Hold function, min/max. values.

MP 200

Functions : Pressure, Velocity, Airflow, Air quality (CO/temperature).
8, 000 measuring points
DATALOGGER software (option)


SL 100

Measurement and spot check of solar power (W/m2).
Supplied with calibration certificate and transport case.

SL 200

Measurement and spot check of solar power (W/m2).
Supplied with calibration certificate, transport case and data transfer software.

CR 100

Solar radiation
Applications : for Qualisol, QualiPV certified professionals, the office control for the garantee of Solar Result. Analogic signal 0-10V or 4-20mA proportional to solar power.

Air Quality

AQ 100

Air quality
Functions : CO2 and temperature.

AQ 200

Air quality
Functions : air quality (CO, CO2), climatic conditions, temperature, hygrometry.
Memory : up to 8 000 measurements points.
Dataloger software for data recording and processing (option).

CO 100

CO detector
CO detection.
Displaying of ambient temperature.
Two adjustable alarm tresholds.
COmax display.


CT 100

Optical (O) contact (C)
Functions : optical or contact tachometry

Pin Moisture Meter

HM 100

Humidity percentage measure of wood, concrete, plaster and bricks.


TK 100-102

Functions : Delta de temperature (TK102), Hold, Min-Max.
Supplied with a calibration certificate and a transport case.

TK 150

Thermocouple – Food industry
Functions : auto-hold function, adjustable alarm (2 setpoints), Hold, Min-Max.
Supplied with protective cover (IP67), calibration certificate and transport case.

TN 100-101-102

NTC temperature
Functions: temperature delta T (TN 102), Hold, Min-Max.
Supplied with calibration certificate and transport case.

Multifunction Meter

AMI 300

Multi-parameters portable device : Pressure, air velocity, airflow, hygrometry, temperature, air quality, tachometry.