Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Portable Flowmeter

Monitoring flow of fluids or gases within the line in any process industry is a very tedious and a monotonous task. Triton provides you the solution to ease your job using its Clamp-on Ultrasonic flowmeters which easily gets clamped on the pipe and through minute adjustments you can get readings with ±1% accuracy.

Clamp on ultrasonic flowmeters are easy to carry, use and have high repeatability of 0.5%. Just clamp it to the line whose flow is to be measured and get the readings on the meter display. These find wide application in validation, auditing and preventive maintenance.

Ultrasonic flowmeters works on the principle of Transit time and have high precision from line size 3/4 “ to 240”. These are applicable to all kinds of fluids whether pure water, gasoline, hydrocarbons, HSD or any rare fluid. Triton provides you with wide range of portable flowmeters with sensors that are easy to carry and install and can work on different line sizes, you just have to change certain values. One can also check the signal quality and signal to noise ratio check are some of the unique features of the flowmeter.

Benefits &Features :

High accuracy, ±1% of velocity.
NIST Standard
Non-intrusive, clamp-on installation, easy and fast.
No pipe disturbance, no pressure drop, no moving parts
Light weight (1.2lbs/538g for the handset). Compact design.
Bi-directional, wide range, [-52ft/s ~ 52ft/s (-16m/s ~ 16m/s)]
Wide pipe size range, [3/4″ ~ 240″(DN20 ~ DN6,000 mm)]
Suitable for all commonly used pipe materials and liquids.
Rechargeable battery for 10 hours of operation.
Built-in data logger.
Totalizer for net, positive and negative flow.
Self-explanatory user interface. Very easy to operate.
Optional StufManager TM PC software for data download and real-time data display.
Signal quality tracking and self-adjusting capabilities automatically match transducer to pipe material.

Online Flowmeter

We have a wide range of online ultra sonic flow meters. These flowmeters have ± 1 % of accuracy of fluid velocity. These flowmeters have three different version i.e. Clamp-on, insertion, flow cell. Clamp-on flowmeters can be easily clamped on the lines where intrusion is not possible.

Clamp on kind of sensors measure the flow of fluids in the different pipe material, i.e. MS, CS, SS, almost any plastic material etc. Since these sensors are non-intrusive hence they offer no undesirable pressure drop in the process flow. A major advantage with clamp-on is that same flowmeter can be used from 3/4″ to 240” line size by just making some parameter changes in the parameters.

Insertion kind of flow meters gives user a benefit to put sensors inside the line and measure almost any kind of fluid flow. These flowmeters have better accuracy as compared to clamp-on kind of flowmeters. These flowmeters have better signal strength even in fluids with suspended particles or impurities.

Flow-cell flowmeters gives you an accuracy of 0.5% and has better stability as compared to other two flowmeters. These flange to flange type flowmeters are manufactured as per customer’s specifications. Flow-cell type of flowmeters comes in standard sizes i.e. from 3/8” to 20” line size. The output signals obtained from the meter are 4 to 20 mA, pulse output and has ModBus protocol for communication.

The available two models are STUF-300F & ST-301. For product specifications please download product catalogues.

Benefits &Features :

Wide measurement range , ±16 m/s
Wide pipe size range, DN 25~ 6000 mm
Bi-directional flow measurement.
Large turn down ratio.
Temperature range -40°C to 155°C.
Suitable for most pure liquids or liquids with
Built-in flow totalizer, batchcontroller, batch controller and task scheduler.
Optional thermal energy measurement module
Self adaptation technology and signal quality tracking
Versatile outputs 4-20 mA, ModBus, Pulse output,
Batch Control.
Low Power consumption < 1 Wt at 9VDC

Inline Flowmeter